A Place for Those Seeking the life-changing love of God

We are a people passionate about THE GOSPEL

God so loved the world that he gave his only Son for it. This is truly “Good News.” That is precisely is what “Gospel” means — “good news!” We are a community of Christians committed to the historic message that Jesus is Lord, King, and savior of all mankind.

We are a people committed to GRACE

What is GRACE?  Grace is God’s abundant and enduring loving Kindness. God is not an angry old man in the sky. He is a loving heavenly Father who revealed himself in his Son Jesus Christ who died so that we might live in abundance, with God and become like him too.

We are a people standing upon THE WORD OF GOD

We believe God makes the rules and gave them to us in his inspired and authoritative Word—the Holy Bible. The truth is never out of date or out of style. The Gospel calls us to world renewing life-change based upon the unwavering principles of God’s truth. We would love for you to come seek truth alongside us!

We are people who practice COMMUNITY

God made us for community. The Church is not a building or service; it is imperfect but redeemed people of God. God has called us to community to love, serve, encourage one another in our pilgrimage of faith. We would love for you to walk with us and let us serve you.


Service Times

Sunday Worship: 9:00 AM
Christian Education: 10:45 AM
Wednesday Worship: 12:00 PM
Contact Info:

Address: 170 Fairview Ave. Coventry, RI 02816
Phone: 401.821.7609