Our Mission


The Mission of Church of The Apostles is three-fold, based on the clear teaching of Jesus Christ in the Great Commandments (Matthew 22:37-39) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  Our Mission is to Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples.  Accomplishing these aspects of our shared mission requires commitment to the Lord and partnership with one another.  What follows is a visual picture reflecting eight aspects of how we aim to accomplish our mission.


  1. Our Boat: Jesus spent time with his disciples on the water in boats.  He preached from a boat, slept on a boat, calmed the sea from a boat, walked on the water to their boat, and helped pull fish into a boat.  We are His Majesty’s Ship “Church of The Apostles”.  We belong to Him and are a valued ship in His worldwide fleet.  He built us and He holds us together.  We have a great crew and are blessed to be with Him and each other.  We are not on a pleasure ship only for our enjoyment, though we certainly do have fun together.  We know the Lord has a mission for us.


  1. Our Power: Jesus assured us of His love and promised the Holy Spirit to empower us for life and witness.  Without Him we are dead in the water, going nowhere.  But with the love of God and Power of the Holy Spirit we have all we need to go wherever He wants us to go and to do more than we ask or imagine.


  1. Our Prayers: Our God empowers us to partner with Him, with our prayers of faith as a fuel line through which His power flows into the Church and through us to the world. We will therefore be a house of prayer, and a people who pray fervently and in utter dependence on the Holy Spirit.


  1. Our Ever-Present Captain: We know our Lord is aboard. He fills us with expectation, confidence and peace.  Like His early disciples who called on Him in a storm and were amazed at His power over wind and waves, we too know Jesus Christ is with us!  We love Him and His presence!  We will not usurp His authority to have our own way.  We trust Him completely so obey His orders without question.  As ships have just one Captain, ours is Jesus. He appoints officers to lead who take orders from Him.  Jesus is our ever-present Captain.


  1. Our Spiritual Food: Just as we need physical food for physical life and the Lord provides for such needs, so do we need spiritual food for spiritual life, and the Lord also provides for these. He feeds by His Holy Word and by His Holy Sacraments.  In the same way that we take physical nourishment regularly, so do we come often to the Lord’s Word and to the Lord’s table, with grateful hearts to receive what He so wonderfully provides.

Boat Culture of Love

  1. Our Culture and Way of Life: Our Culture and Way of Life Aboard Church of The Apostles is love.  We love each other as He has loved us.  Our aim is to keep getting better at this so we become known by our love and so Jesus’ character is seen in us.  Loving one another is our Family DNA and culture.



  1. Our Assignment: When Jesus called His first disciples He said, “Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”. This assignment continues, as He commissions us to “Go and make disciples…” (Matthew 28:19).  We are on this assignment together, praying, encouraging one another, and working side by side making disciples for Jesus.HMSCOTA011
  2. Our Destination: We know where we are going. By the grace of Jesus, we know our ultimate destination is Heaven.  We therefore live with an eternal perspective, investing our lives and resources with Heaven in mind.  We are excited about the destination and the journey, and along the way we want to bring as many with us as we can.

CoTA HMS Our Shared Mission