Project Hand Up-Be The Change

Project Hand Up opened on January 12, 2017 In 2017 we served 4784 families. In 2018 we served 5743 families. In 2019 we served 7115 families. In 2020 we served 25,372 families That is a total of 43,014 families. Thank you to all who generously supported our Lenten Ministry for Project Hand Up. The response was wonderful! You may find more information on their… Read More



The season of Advent is just around the corner! It begins on December 1st and ends on December 24th.  Advent is a time where we prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus Christ; a celebration of his birth, and a longing for his return. Church of The Apostles will be supporting Be The Change/Project Hand Up and the Apparent Project during the Advent… Read More

Your Story & Your Scars?  The Scars of God and His Healing Story

No matter how dull or uninteresting we might think ourselves to be, we all have a story. That story also says a lot about us and is rich with triumph and tragedy. For better or for worse, we live through it. With it secretly playing in the background of our consciousness, it unfolds in the caverns of our psyche like a movie soundtrack. Like… Read More



At our last Council Meeting, Superintendent Todd lead the Devotion Time by presenting a portion of a book entitled Community – Life Together. Here is a portion of what was shared at the meeting: “ The physical presence of other Christians is a source of incomparable joy and strength to the believer. Longingly, the imprisoned apostle Paul calls his “dearly beloved son in the… Read More


In the early Third Century A.D., Constantine became the emperor of Rome. Claiming to have seen a vision of the cross in a dream, he emblazoned the shields of his legions with the sign of the cross. After his decisive victory, he consequently attributed this victory to Christ and eventually made Christianity the official Roman state religion.  Constantine gave much to the Church, most… Read More


What is a Bishop?

If you did not grow up in church, you may have wondered what precisely is a bishop. In movies, they are usually the bad guy—typically an ostentatious and craven villain using the church to enrich himself. Maybe to you, a bishop is just a chess piece or a guy in a pointy hat. Rarely are they portrayed as the compassionate man like the Bishop… Read More


The Beauty in Credulity

I had the fine privilege of obtaining my graduate education at one of the great bastions of Neo-Evangelicalism, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I cannot say enough good about Trinity, its faculty, and it’s legacy. There I studied Hebrew Bible and theology amidst a distinguished faculty and in an environment of stalwart commitment to the Christian Scriptures. This has served as a boon to my… Read More



In the 4th chapter of the epistle of James, disciples of the Lord Jesus are warned against making future plans without humbly regarding the brevity and frailty of our lives and the limits of our wisdom and knowledge.  Simply put, though we do not and cannot know all that our future holds, in Christ, we do know who holds our future, and in Him,… Read More


Taking a Stand for Truth

  One thing that characterized the earliest Church was its unwavering stance on moral issues. These issues always drew a sharp line in the sand between the saved and the unsaved, between the Christian and the Pagan, between the Church and the rest of the Roman world.  The Church’s Catechesis was imbued with detailed lists of moral expectations. These are rooted in deep reflection… Read More

+ German Wehrmacht on the move in Poland

A Low, Dishonest Age

This morning, September 1, 2019, marks exactly the eightieth anniversary since the start of World War II. On this date in 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland starting one of the most apocalyptic losses of human life in history. The death toll is estimated between 70 and 85 million souls that perished in the conflict—one driven by greed, ideology, and above all, human sin. Our… Read More