Pentecost – A gift for a purpose.

come a holy comforter thy sacred witness
bear in this glad our thou who almighty
art now rule in every heart spirit of
power Amen may be seated
this my brothers and sisters marks the
Feast of Pentecost one of the auspicious
moments in the church history to one
degree or another all Christians get
their identity from this precious
narrative here in st. looks Luke’s book
the Acts of the Apostles which was our
first reading the gospel supports this
reading in many different ways but Luke
being succinct creates a picture in our
minds that will revel in today well
nearly all who call themselves
Christians from the earliest time the
apostles to the fathers of the church
through the undivided the divided church
to the reformers even up to and
including some of those who adhere to
the most modern piety z’ they revere the
coming of the holy spirit as the last
great movement of the triune God in
history many seems we could explore but
for today let’s look at the facts as
they are presented in Scripture in light
of our Commission it’s difficult for us
to focus on our
commission when we are being pressed so
hard lately nonetheless it was the
pressure that was put upon the early
church that caused it to move forward to
all the ends of the earth amen
so let’s set selves upon a single theme
today and keep that theme right in front
of our eyes
hopefully some of us will come away with
a new revelation of the word and a
renewed vigor for ministry and this
theme is timeless theme that has never
changed since the church was born on
that Pentecost Sunday is this that the
Holy Spirit was sent to enable the
Church of Jesus Christ to evangelize the
Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus to enable
the Church of Jesus Christ to evangelize
that takes many different forms and we
know all the different works of the
comforter but yet the singular mission
is to show Jesus Christ to the world so
this day of Pentecost this wonderful
narrative from Luke dr. Luke what was
Pentecost about anyway well really it’s
a Jewish feast okay it’s not a Christian
feast it’s called the the feast of weeks
it occurred 50 complete days after the
Passover she’s a Greek the Greek were
root for this word Penta means 50 so 50
complete days after the Passover
there’s a celebration of the first grain
harvest of the year after a period of
when even in the desert the earth gave
forth very little the first green for a
harvest of the year was something to be
celebrated so is about a harvest so what
what really is a harvest all about what
happens at a harvest what happens
gathered someone said gathered it was
Jake right is a gathering
thus devout Jews gathered together as
they did in ty memorial as they would
gather together at Sinai where God gave
the defining attribute of the Jewish
people which was the law they gathered
together to receive the law that was
going to set them apart as his own
people to go into the world to glorify
his name
that’s what the feast of Pentecost meant
to the Jew
well today we observe the feast of the
Pentecost because we’re Christians so
what does it mean to us the law was the
defining attribute of the Jew what is
the defining attribute for the Christian
it’s I’ll give you a clue it’s the G
word what’s the word its grace that’s
how we are defined also in luke’s time
some scholars believe that this this
particular feast of weeks was a special
one there’s is really a big deal because
they were circulating in that day a
rumor that the Jewish Messiah was going
to come so this could mean that more
Jews than usual were present in
Jerusalem and that many
more may have come from further away
than was normal so I think that
Jerusalem this day of Pentecost was
really a special special spent Pentecost
because they were more Jews there to
hear and see what was going to go on
than ever before
well brothers and sisters does the
church not have today a reach into every
single peoples of the world through
technology through the shrinking of the
world through communication do not don’t
we have a way to reach out to more and
more people now keeping in mind the
reason why the holy spirit was sent the
holy spirit was sent so that the church
could do what it could Evangelos and I I
thought this was kind of a cool little
fact being a fact guy you know this is
the first full day of the week they said
so that made it what they did a Sunday
okay but the people of the way his new
Christians called the Lord’s Day so the
Feast of Pentecost the gathering the
identity was distributed upon the Lord’s
Day and don’t we gather together on the
Lord’s Day don’t we symbolically gather
together because we know innately as
Christians that it’s our job to gather
the harvest to Jesus don’t we gather
together for the grace that’s bestowed
upon us through his word and through the
sacrament on the Lord’s Day on on Sunday
God sent the Holy Spirit so the church
could evangelize so we look at this
narrative from Luke and in verse 1 it
says that the disciples were all
together in one place they’re all
together in one place why were they
there what did Jesus tell them to do go
into Jerusalem and wait there right so
what did what did the disciples do they
went to Jerusalem and waited there they
obeyed the master that’s amazing how
Luke puts that upfront everything that
comes after this has to do with the
obedience to the master Jesus when the
master commands the church obeys and
earlier in chapter 1 it’s written that
the disciples they with all their and
they were of one Accord that’s
significant the Spirit of God is
welcomed by those who submit and obey
the master but they also submit to each
other the Church of Jesus Christ is
about love we submit to the master we
submit to each other that’s what’s
called what accord because where there
is strife and disunity and disagreement
that hinders the work of the spirit
spirits not going to come in like a
hammer and force himself on you that’s
not what love is love does not force
itself on another love is patient and
love submits to one another so here we
go the great rushing wind
how many servants have been preached
about that this is mighty wind shook the
house maybe you’ve heard it all but do
you know what you have to take away from
today about the church about that why
the spirit was sent to the church so
they could evangelize is that there was
a time when God spoke to people
individually did not he speak to Elijah
in a small voice he spoke to one he
spoke to another one he spoke to another
one but now on the day of Pentecost like
a mighty rushing wind
he speaks aloud to the whole world to
the Assembly of the disciples and he
speaks out to them with power the Lord
is slow to anger in a great power the
Prophet says his way is in whirlwind and
storm was that prophecy not fulfilled on
the day of Pentecost it must have shaken
the house saw must have been loud
because from the narrative I read that
those who were outside could hear it too
even the stiff-necked even those who
call them devout but do not know Jesus
you say God sent the Holy Spirit so that
the church could have an july’s the
devided comes as of fire descended upon
the disciples John said remember John
but John said hey i baptize you now in
the jordan with water but this one
coming who is going to baptize you with
the Holy Spirit in with fire so the last
great prophet the prophecy is fulfilled
and though there was a fire that was
divided among them in brothers and
sisters this is the most important thing
you need to take away from the
scriptures today on the feast of
Pentecost 2020 the most important thing
you will take away is that all the
tongues of fire descended upon them each
and every one of those tongues of fire
was fully and completely the same holy
spirit fully and completely every one
and if you’re missing why that’s
important I’m here to explain it you see
now there are varieties of gifts Paul
says but the same spirit there are
varieties of service but the same Lord
and there are varieties of activities
but it’s the same God who empowers them
all in every one and through whom does
he do that the Holy Spirit and this is
so important that elsewhere he has to
tell the Ephesians that there’s but one
body in one spirit one Hulk one Lord one
faith one baptism one God and
one spirit the divided tongues of fire
one spirit so in a sense upon these
individuals an individual portion of the
spirit has been given yet each portion
is the fullness of the Godhead that’s
really really big for you in your
ministry and here’s how Luke
proves this out here’s how he makes this
brings us right down to the ground they
were able to speak in other languages as
the spirit gave them the gift right as
the spirit gave him utter ups as the
Spirit gave them utterance
you see could the gifts of the Holy
Spirit when you were gifted with the
Holy Spirit and you are I know that when
you are gifted with the Holy Spirit it
comes with the responsibility okay it
comes with a duty the Marines know that
Matt right Jesus sent His Spirit into us
crying Abba Father why because he wanted
to enable the church of Jesus Christ to
spread the good news at Pentecost
divided tongues of fire came down on the
people now I’m not Jewish but boy if I
was at you I would be looking at that
this way divided Tonks we would mind
mind go if I was reading the Pentateuch
maybe to the Tower of Babel who the
tongues were divided right
you know it’s a day back then when the
mankind was divided why because of the
rebellion against God and because there
was no Accord among those people there
was no Accord one to another quorum deo
in the face of God the Tower of Babel
brothers and sisters is there to mark
rebellion against the Creator so who has
the solution to rebellion who has the
solution to all the ills of mankind but
Jesus and his work on the cross but he
says guess what I send you a promise
right that’s what’s in the gospel I
promise you this Pentecost the tongues
would again divided but then because of
Jesus and because he sent the Holy
Spirit the divided tongues brought forth
unity brought forth Accord and
fellowship the nation’s once they stood
against each other in linguistic and
ethnic and in racial strife who does
that sound familiar but as we say in our
prayer book in the confession of the one
true faith God gives to his church the
power to serve him as a royal priesthood
and to preach the gospel to all nations
in this my brothers and sisters on the
day of Pentecost marks not the rebellion
but the reconciliation of mankind to the
now as we said before people from all
over the known world it just happened
kick them more than ever maybe just
happen to be in Jerusalem oh gee what a
coincidence yeah I don’t think God works
with coincidences I think this the fact
that those people were there when this
rushing wind blew the walls out of the
house they were there to observe it and
that’s just as much the work of the Holy
Spirit brothers and sisters as wind and
tongs and everything else God made it
happen why why did he bring them out
there because you know what God is not
willing that any should be lost in order
tell us why on Pentecost the Spirit was
given to the church so that the church
could go out and share the good news to
the world and if that’s not enough dr.
Luke goes on he says each one heard them
speaking in their own language each one
heard them speaking in their own
language wow that’s pretty amazing so
I’m gonna get stuck on the fact that
they spoke these languages as galilaeans
that they could just barely speak their
own violet oh I’m stuck on that well how
about this what is it that these people
when these people I’m over here I’m from
Cappadocia and I speak some kind of
dialect and I heard the Apostles
speaking in my language what were they
saying what were they hearing they heard
them speaking but what would they say
all my sandals are too tight what’s for
supper tonight is that is that what
these people from all over the known
world heard what did they hear
they heard the gospel of Jesus Christ so
the focus is in our note that the the
languages the focus is on the gospel you
know what God has given each one of you
a gift to bring the gospel to somebody
okay and the gift is not the focus the
gospel is the focus you don’t know it
but you’re going somewhere today and
tomorrow with the gospel you could live
out the gospel then you don’t think it’s
possible because I don’t have this
wonderful gift well forget about the
gift just focus on the gospel
see that’s what Luke’s trying to say the
disciples spoke as the Spirit gave them
utterance and he gave them the utterance
of the gospel of Jesus Christ the way
that Jesus was born suffered died and
rose again from the dead and yes
ascending to heaven where he sits today
praying for you so that ought to be
enough ammunition for you to go out into
the world that is an immense story it’s
the only thing that will change all the
strife you see in Minneapolis and in
Detroit and even in Providence that’s
the only answer to that stuff see the
proof is in the promise of Jesus he said
because he said he’d be lifted up and he
draw the whole world to him all right
the whole world and in Jerusalem it
started just like he said you will be my
witnesses first in Jerusalem and then
into Judea into Samaria the ones who we
don’t care about and then to where the
ends of the earth that’s what the Holy
Spirit came to do
holy spirit was said to enable the
Church of Jesus Christ to evangelize in
his name beloved I hope you revel in
this today that they the thrice holy God
right the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob
the father of our Lord Jesus Christ he’s
asked you he’s asked you to be his
messenger he’s asked you to be his
witness for what you know
he says you to just use the gift he’s
given you whatever that is
just use it he’s asked you to be the
ambassador for the kingdom that’s that’s
really big that’s a lot of
responsibility but it is the greatest of
honor he’s giving you knowledge are
those ancestors giving you gifts and
though you might not think so he’s given
you courage when the time comes when you
really need it he’ll put the words in
your mouth he promised that to tell the
story of how your savior came from glory
to give his life on Calvary to save a
wretch like you but you know hey the
world doesn’t always believe this right
hey Rob I go out there I try my best but
they’re all like dead they they dead yes
they’re dead they don’t want to believe
it they want to mock you just like they
mocked the disciples hey they’re out of
their minds right don’t let that stop
you because you don’t know you don’t
know what kind of kindness what kind of
good work
what kind of word you might have said to
someone along the way you’re gonna find
out one day you bring your crowns to the
feet of Jesus you might be surprised
some crowns you didn’t even know about
because you obeyed you submitted to
Christ and you submitted to your
brothers and sisters because you’re in
the spirit the spirit lives in you let
them say what they want about us
brothers and sisters but you know that
your redeemer lives
you’ll behold him face to face one day
so be filled with grace now brothers and
sisters and as you go about your life
you work towards that moment you kneel
before our risen Lord Christ maybe you
took someone with you in the name of the
Father and of the Son and the Holy

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