father in heaven
you ask for your mercy and your grace
create create clean hearts of all of us
dear lord that we may serve you
on your holy hill in jesus name we pray
amen may be seated
matthew’s gospel today
is about the parable of the wedding
and it’s another place where jesus
after he has returned from it returned
to jerusalem
after his triumphal entry where he has
turned to teaching the apostles with
ever increasing vigor and pointedness to
his to his parables
and uh his audience happens to be a
mixed audience and
uh many of them out there are the jewish
ruling authorities
and uh i guess by the exposition of
truth by the words of our lord and
savior jesus they
seem a little offended matter of fact uh
a little more than offended because they
set out to kill him after this
part of his gospel so
jesus begins this particular parable
like he did in many other ways when he
says the kingdom of heaven is like this
and uh if we’re really careful as he
goes through his parable
in typical jewish teaching fashion there
is the positive
and then there’s the rebuttal negative
so the
kingdom of heaven is like this but the
kingdom of heaven is not like that
and that’s where he’s going to shape
and this banquet here he knows he’s
speaking to
his jewish people he’s a jew himself
they understand their culture only one
it’s largely a homogenous culture
by which all jews
of any stature especially those in
leadership would know
their scripture so this wedding banquet
he picks it very carefully because
he refers to isaiah remember when jesus
in capernaum he went out
in the in the beginning of his public
and he opened the scrolls which scroll
did he open
isaiah right the great prophet
isaiah writes in his 25th chapter on
this mountain the lord of hosts will
make for all peoples
a feast of rich food a feast of
well-aged wine
of rich food full of marrow of aged wine
well refined behold
on this mountain this is our god
we have waited for him that he might
save us
right who’s he talking about himself
this is the lord we have waited for him
we have waited for this banquet let us
be glad and rejoice in his salvation
this is how he starts his
kingdom of heaven is like this remember
prophet isaiah
remember what he said so now we see in
the gospel
there’s this king and there’s the son
who’s being married who’s the king
god the father who’s the son
jesus who’s the who’s the bride
his church you see
at that wedding feast of which our
table here is a premonition
that wedding feast the father is willing
all should attend all should attend
but in this context because jesus is
talking to the jews
he refers to them firstly he refers to
god’s chosen one
okay here’s banquet this is a time of
marriage of his son the bride time of
joy is a great thing to be honored to
come here
but jesus is talking to the jews now
the jewish authorities did jesus hate
the jews
why not because he’s the jew
does he hate the jewish authorities
does he hate what they’ve become
there you go
you see he sent out an invitation
to the jewish authorities and many were
not interested they turned their way
they had something better to do
and as this parable goes along you watch
how it goes out of the first century
and it comes into the 21st century very
he sent out the word to come to the
and many were not interested because
they were too busy
distracted by things that they thought
were important for their lives
but then others
they were openly hostile to this message
and they hated
they hated what they thought they knew
of the son
and of the father
well jesus makes it clear that they were
the king he then sends word
okay i sent you the prophets
you ignored them you killed the prophets
remember the parable of the vineyard
you killed them well guess what
the father sends word that all who would
regardless of their place in life
regardless of their pedigree
regardless of their sinfulness all those
who would come
may come
you see the connection for today
and we know that he is speaking of the
it takes paul another 30 years to click
onto this
he’s talking about sinners
but we’re going to skip forward to where
this gospel really
rings true for today to an application
for today
i’ve set the picture of the banquet i’ve
set the picture of the invitation of the
those who said no i’m not coming those
who said
i’m going to destroy you those who have
been excluded forever
and those who have been invited now we
know that the hall of the banquet
is filled it’s filled with people from
and wide people who are not jewish
people who are not righteous people who
are sinners like you and i
we’re all at the banquet but the king
notices an intruder
and i believe brothers and sisters that
this is what this gospel parable is all
about is that intruder
the king alone the king alone
recognizes that one is not dressed
now you can’t lay the problem with the
on those who had been sent out to go and
gather those
to come into the banquet right
because those who are sent out to gather
them into the banquet
are the evangelists that’s our job
as evangelists to go and get them and
bring them to the banquet it’s not our
job to judge
who they are lest we be judged
but the king alone he sees someone
that it escaped everyone else’s notice
and he says friend how did you get in
here without a wedding garment
the king alone sees that
and it’s obvious at this point listen
how this exchange goes
friend how did you get in here without a
wedding garment
it’s obvious that this person that
he shouldn’t have been there
but he was speechless
he’s speechless
see this person thought he belonged
here i am
i’m here at the banquet of the king the
bankrupt of the prince
of the king
he thought he belonged but the king knew
he did not
see though his own reasoning allowed him
to enter
into that banquet he forgot
that he was not the final judge
because why because he
failed to see himself
as he really was he failed
to see himself as he really was brothers
and sisters
haven’t we fallen into that
i’m thinking of the banquet that i’m
going to go to one day
do i want to be called out like that
because i failed to see myself
as the sinner i am
so what’s it about this person
that attracted the attention of the king
what was it the garment
what he was wearing or not wearing wrong
only the king recognizes this
see that’s because the king is the
and the father is referencing the
garment but
what’s he really looking at
the heart the father sees the heart he
says to samuel
so there’s raymond this
garment what does it really symbolize
this is an important theological point
what does the garment symbolize
and if you’re going to say baptism
that’s a nice answer
but it’s a partial answer
because the garment cannot symbolize
because whatever the garment was allowed
entrance into the banquet wedding feast
and baptism is initiation
baptism is one of the greatest conduits
of grace
but baptism alone
does not get you into the banquet
if that were so
then baptism would be a magic thing that
we did
that guaranteed us entrance into heaven
theologically that’s not correct
no nicene church teaches that
so if it’s not baptism
what does the raiment symbolize
repentance faith what else
say again the blood of christ
you see we are clicking
on our great theological minds right now
all these things are right
and i know where i can see the best
definition of what that garment is
it’s in the collect for today
which reads lord
we pray that your grace may always
proceed and follow us
that we may continually be given
to good works through jesus christ our
that’s what the garment
is about
and in case you’re not following me
i thought of this this week i thought of
my mom
when i get stuck on a sermon i think in
my mouth
you know when i was a little kid he used
to get in the car
right there was a cross with a magnet in
the bottom of it right
right on the dashboard why was that
because the dashboard was made of metal
when’s the last time you saw a car with
a dashboard that’s made of metal
right but anyway there was that cross a
little magnet bottom thing i used to
play with it she said robert don’t play
with that
all right there it was so one day you
know i’m
we’re driving and i said i said uh
mommy why do you have the cross
on the dashboard
why is that there and she looks at me
without hesitation
my mom was not a theologian
but she got this don’t you said to me
because that makes me think
of my lord and savior jesus
she didn’t have that on the dashboard as
some amulet that’s going to protect her
from an accident
or some ticket into heaven
or some thing that you pray to as if
it’s an idol no
she said that makes me think
of jesus
what does paul say look the words
look at the words and by the way
i have a similar thing in my car i have
something on my dashboard it’s not made
of metal so it can’t be a magnet
it’s not a cross but it’s this thing
everywhere i go i have this thing what
does it say
lord we pray that your grace may always
proceed and follow us
that we may continually be given to good
jesus christ our lord
good works what’s this about
paul paul nails it philippians
finally brothers whatever is true
whatever is honorable whatever is just
whatever is pure whatever is lovely
whatever commendable if there’s anything
that’s excellent
if there is anything worthy of phrase
think about these things
think about these things
what’s paul saying think about what
about jesus
who else fulfills all these things
you see brothers and sisters
the good works that we ought to be
filled with
are the thoughts of jesus because
everything will come out of that
you see because if we do that then the
grace of jesus shows in our lives
it shows in our tongues
it shows them where we spend our money
it shows and how we vote
it shows on how we temper
our lives
god’s grace shows in the lives of those
who give themselves over to christ
because what they’ve done is like
the wedding garments they
put on jesus
they put on jesus they’re clothed
with jesus he’s the only righteous one
he’s the only one that’s honorable he’s
the only one that’s true
and pure he’s the only one that’s lovely
jesus to put on jesus means that you put
not your righteousness but you put on
righteousness and what the king did not
on that person was the righteousness of
that’s why he went like a drill to him
and he said you don’t belong here
you do not have the righteousness of my
son jesus
i don’t care what you brought here
unless you have him you
are not the banker the intruder
is not clothed in the righteousness of
so brothers and sisters deep in here is
this warning that
you know this first corinthians chapter
11 thing
if if if we judged ourselves truly
we would not be judged so today
this parable is a call for
self-examination and repentance
repentance repentance repentance
as my brother would preach and he’s
judge yourself
lest you be judged and then
do what my mom did think upon jesus
picture jesus however you want
picture him picture his beauty
pictures of righteousness picture
approach jesus
come and take jesus
inside you be clothed
be clothed by jesus
and do it daily but whatever is true and
whatever is
honorable whatever is just and pure
and lovely but that
influence your life
let it become your raven let it become
what others see
but more important let it become what
the father
sees let this garment be the
righteousness of
you know brothers and sisters in this
world today
it’s becoming very hard to know what to
what to do hard to know what to believe
but i ask that you’d pray with me that
the lord’s grace
the lord’s grace will continually
proceed and follow us
that we may be clothed in the
righteousness of jesus
in closing i would ask you to set your
mind on what is true and what is
what’s just lovely
set your mind upon jesus
that you may be clothed in his
and i will see you at the banquet
in the name of the father and of the son
of the holy spirit

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