Wednesday, June 3, 2020

please be seated let’s take a moment to
ask God’s blessing on our time in the
study of his word this afternoon
Heavenly Father and gracious King you
are good oh so good you are always
faithful and oh so faithful and you have
called the remnant of mankind from among
all nations a bedraggled host to become
a royal glorious and obedient host your
church Father forgive us all the sins
that we knowingly and unknowingly Sitton
that we commit against you and father
can fill our hearts with your spirit
that we might know you more love you
more and give our lives unreservedly to
you unless this time in your word today
in Jesus name all God’s people said man
when we’re looking at Romans chapter 1 1
through 17 and we’re starting a new
series we’re going to study the book of
Romans together doing during the
pentecost season and so this Sunday we
will be starting in Romans chapter 2
which is where the meat begins but I
wanted to bring the salutation part the
part that doesn’t you know seems like
kind of just the window dressing getting
the pleasantries out of the way but
you’ll see very quickly about this that
everything about this text has to do
with what Pentecost is about which is
the mission of the gospel
you notice we just read our Deacon Kathy
just read that the father that Jesus
says to the disciples there in John
chapter 20 as the father has sent me
even so I am sending you and with that
he said it said this and he breathed on
them and said receive the Holy Spirit
and so he says send the Holy Spirit – so
he sends Jesus to pay for our sins he
sends the Holy Spirit to fill the church
to send the church into the world and
when we opened the book of Romans we see
this all over because the first thing
Paul’s going to talk about is his
apostolic ministry look at verses 1
through 4 with me real quick Paul a
servant of Jesus Christ called to be an
apostle and he sent one set apart to the
gospel of God that’s the good news the
message he’s taken which he promised
beforehand through his prophets and the
Holy Scriptures the gospel concerning
his son who was descended from David
according to the flesh and designated
the Son of God and power according the
spirit of holiness by his resurrection
from the dead Jesus Christ our Lord
the Paul is going to talk more about his
Apostleship but I’ll give you an idea
for us to kind of you know hinge
thoughts on for a minute
and that’s the question of love more
respect love or respect now why am I
asking this well not too long I was
sitting with one of my sons and even
though my sons are getting older
sometimes you still have to have those
fatherly conversations and this certain
young man who remains unnamed looks at
me and says dad I don’t know if you want
me to love you or respect you and it’s a
it’s a good question
I thought about it for a minute and
speaking from a man’s point of view but
as I’ve I don’t think it’s just limited
to men now about it my answer my
historic answer at the time is well
buddy and then feel loved when you
respect them and if you disrespect them
they don’t feel loved and as I thought
about it in the time since I’m like you
know I think it’s pretty much like that
with all relationships it’s with women
too you know if you speak
disrespectfully to someone they don’t
feel love they don’t feel a fruit that
they don’t feel appreciated and another
way is we can take that respect because
respect has a lot of different shades to
it right respect has obedience we could
talk about love versus obedience but
they’re not versus right and then
there’s also justice if I treat you
wrongly disrespectfully I’m also
treating you on justly right so there’s
all these different shades that really
overlap but are absolutely true and kind
of come to be the same thing and my
whole point of bringing up that little
story is to relate that back to God and
the cosmic view of the gospel that Paul
is putting out here in
does God want us to respect him and is
mankind living in a respectful way and
we’re gonna get into a little bit here
but it’s going to become very obvious
when we get into the second half of
Romans on Sunday so I hope I’m wetting
your appetite
but really because all of all of Romans
1 & 2 is about man’s disobedience and
it’s really
we’re disobeying the Creator and so
we’re disrespecting the Creator God
doesn’t feel loved when we disobey just
the way a father doesn’t feel loved when
we disobey because we’re disrespecting
his commandments and we see this
beautiful picture of the gospel here and
Paul starts this letter with this idea
and I want you to notice this here
verses 3 and 4 cuz he sets it out what
God has done
objectively and I want you to see these
key pieces right here that are really
the backbone of the Apostles Creed in
our Nicene Creed he says the gospel
concerning his son who was descended
from David according to the flesh
there’s the incarnation designated the
son of God and power the deity of Christ
according to the spirit of holiness that
spirit and the church by the
resurrection of dead and Jesus Christ
our Lord and Paul’s whole gospel is that
Jesus came and was incarnate by the Holy
Spirit born of a virgin lived in this
life died was buried and resurrected for
the justification of all things and if
you take this and you go to Corinthians
chapter 15 you’ll see this even a little
expanded more it looks even more like
the Apostles Creed that was built on it
and so we see this confessional
statement of what God has done and we
have the all through
the book of Romans we’ve got these
things the statement of the gospel what
God has done because we have broken the
law of God and so you’re going to hear
all through the book of Romans the law
and the gospel and how all men have
fallen short of the glory of God and
then condemned self condemned by our
actions and the gospel of God frees us
and so look at verse 5 with me he says
through whom we have received Grace and
Apostleship to bring about the obedience
of faith for the sake of his name among
all nations including yourselves who are
called to belong to Jesus Christ there’s
a lot going on there but I want to ask
you about the mission of the gospel what
is the mission of the gospel see what we
have right here is Paul’s apostolic
Commission another way we can translate
that verse there is it is through him we
have received grace and the Commission
to Apostleship and Apostle is sent
that’s what we are looking at that’s
what Pentecost is God Jesus has
completed the death burial and
resurrection and on Pentecost he sends
the spirit and he Commission’s and we
hear those words of Matthew 28:19 3:20
goes therefore and make disciples of all
nations baptizing them and teaching them
to obey all I commanded the gospel is
really simple we just complicate it
right we complicate it and so what is
the goal of the gospel and that’s what’s
really important in this passage what is
the goal of the gospel what is the
outcome that God wants from the church
and missionaries like Paul and that
answer is right there at verse 5 he says
the to bring about the obedience of
things for the sake of his name among
all nations that there’s a whole bunch
there Paul wasn’t yet and he had an
incredible theological mind he was just
it was huge okay
it was huge he and and there’s so much
in play there
I’m not going to overwhelm us because
it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant
but I want you to point out something
this this statement shows up a couple
there’s obedience of faith in Romans you
notice he talks about faith as obedience
not faith versus obedience
it’s the obedience of faith that’s the
obedience of trusting in God to not
trust God is disobedience it’s to
disrespect God is to say God you’re not
good at your word and it’s very
important to the understand the whole
book of Romans because the whole book of
Romans behind it is a narrative about
Abraham and his faith you need to
understand Abraham’s relationship to God
to understand the book of Romans like
one of my best friends from college and
seminary wrote his PhD sir tation on
that I have the book and I’ve read it
and I won’t try to explain it
that’s the nutshell so you know what I
want to do is I just want to read a
couple passages to you from Genesis real
quick just to get it in our mind because
this is well it’s such good stuff so I’m
going to read two of the most key texts
okay so you don’t have to turn there was
technically not supposed to be touching
our handbooks and Bibles right now so
I’ll just read it to you okay but it’s
it’s Genesis 15 and I’m gonna start in
verse 3 God comes to Abraham like
Abraham I don’t have an heir all I’ve
got is this this dude in my house this
servant Eliezer of Damascus and I don’t
want to give him all my goods I want to
give it to my my son and it says in
Abraham said Behold you have given me no
offspring and a member of my household
would be my heir behold the word of the
Lord came to him and the Lord says this
man will not shall not be your heir your
very own son shall be your heir he
doesn’t have a son yet he didn’t have a
biological son you and he brought him
outside and said look toward heaven and
Number the Stars if you were able to
number them and he said to him so shall
your offspring offspring great be and he
believed the Lord and he any candidate
to him as righteousness okay on that
verse hinges the whole book of Romans
now we’re gonna go to chapter 17 of
Genesis real quick I’ll read that to you
it says when Abraham was 99 years old
the Father the Lord appeared to Abram
and said behold I am God Almighty walk
before me and be blameless that I may
make my covenant between me and you and
we multiply you greatly
then Abram fell on his face and God said
to him behold my covenant is with you
and he shall no longer be the father you
shall no longer
be father my coming is with you and you
shall be the father of a multitude of
Nations no longer shall your name be
called Abram but your name shall be
Abraham for I have made you the father
of a multitude of Nations so you cannot
understand the book of Romans without
those two verses there that abraham
believed God and it was accounted him as
righteousness and then when he changes
his name from Abram to Abraham from
exalted father to the father of many
nations and Paul is going to take those
ideas and say this is about the gospel
that calls all nations back to him and
he’s going to argue that it’s not just
that gospel is not just for the Jew it’s
not just for the keepers of the law but
it’s for those who come to him by faith
and so the obedience of faith among the
nations is the fulfillment of the
Abrahamic promise by faith the nations
become the children of Abraham by faith
Abraham Abram is made Abraham father of
many nations and so he says the
righteousness of God is revealed through
faith for faith below and so Paul later
in the book of Romans in 11 11 through
12 says so I ask did they stumble he’s
talking about Israel did they stumble in
order that they might fall he says by no
means rather that through their trespass
salvation has come to the Gentiles to
make Israel jealous now if their
trespass means the riches of the world
and if their failure means riches for
the Gentiles how much more will their
inclusion mean you see God’s not just
calling the gent God’s not calling the
Gentiles he’s not making Abraham the
father of many nations to spite Israel
he’s making it the call Israel Israel
his chosen
now he’s chosen us they see God empowers
the church to fill the mission of the
gospel to bring about the obedience of
faith among all nations and that’s why
that statement among all nations is so
that’s about Paul’s apostolic calling to
be the missionary to the Gentiles and
also shows God’s sense of humor God
likes to use people in their weakness
you know if you were a Jew in Paul’s day
Paul came from a wealthy family wealthy
Jewish family of Asia Minor who had the
money to send him to Jerusalem to study
under one of the most reputable rabbis
if not being most of the day so he had
the Jewish equivalent of the Harvard or
Yale education of the day and yet
instead of sending Paul with that
education to the Jews they he sends the
fisherman Peter to the Jews
who’s the stumbling block and sends Paul
who seemed so appropriate to win
Pharisees who was the Pharisee and sends
him to end the Gentiles and so don’t
find them preaching to people who think
they’re the offscouring the dirt of the
earth isn’t that God’s Way
you know God wants us to labor and
weakness and I think that’s so important
and so the church lies at the center of
this mission that the church is part of
it he sends the spirit into the church
and sends the church in the world and I
just I want you to look at verse
nine real quick he says for God is my
witness whom I served with my spirit and
the gospel of son his son that without
ceasing I mention you always in my
prayers asking that somehow by God’s
will I may now at last succeed in coming
to you for a long to see you and he says
this that I may impart to you some
spiritual gift to strengthen you and
that is that we may be mutually
encouraged by each other’s faith both
yours and mine the great apostle sees
his faith dependent on the encouragement
of other Christians these Roman
Christians he hasn’t even met and he
sees their faith dependent on him that’s
a church as the family of God that’s the
church as the people who need one
another and so he says that I may impart
you some spiritual gift just strengthen
you and that’s our third part the church
lies at the center of this mission and
you know he’s going to say here in a
I long to preach the gospel to you who
are in room I just want you to hold that
thought in mind he says that I may
impart to you some spiritual gift to
strengthen you he wants to strengthen
their faith why because faith is weak
our faith is weak it wanes
any of you ever have doubts I do I have
doubts about my faith sometimes do I
chose to be a pastor
keeps me in the Word of God keeps me
more encouraged I thought I’d be more
likely to fall away from the faith if I
didn’t have responsibility for other
people’s spiritual life so that’s you
helping me that’s that’s just the
responsibility to preach to you guys and
to and Shepherd you guys and to love you
keeps me on my toes it’s better for I’m
a better Christian for it and it’s a
great thing when you’re around other
Christians who you feel like a better
Christian than yourself and that’s even
better blessing and he says that we may
be mutually encouraged by one of those
faiths that’s why we gather together
that’s why the writer the Hebrew says
forsake not the assembling of yourselves
together it’s it’s where we feed on the
gospel you know to not gather with the
church is like stopping eating it’s not
you know a short little fast is a good
– wrong makes you ill and you wither
away and so the church mutually builds
up the faith in each other together and
so Paul comes to these kind of caps name
statement of the gospel he says for I am
not ashamed of the gospel it’s the power
of God for salvation to everyone who has
faith to the Jew first and also the
Greek for in it the righteousness of God
is revealed through faith for faith as
it is written he who through faith is
righteous shall live or the just shall
live by faith and if you look back at
verse 15 he says so I am eager to preach
the gospel to you who are wrong why does
he say this well because the gospel is
not just for lost people faith leaks
that’s doubt faith leaks it’s very
important and I’ll price say this again
on Sunday but a lot of us we have this
idea that I call it the sanctification
bucket and everybody thinks you get when
you become a Christian you get this
sanctification bucket okay and as you
grow water keeps dripping in you know
holiness keeps dripping into this bucket
and over your lifetime as a Christian it
fills up more and more and more and you
get yeah you know there’s some truth to
God but you know what my experience is
and my experience is really in life my
buckets got all these holes in it holy
bucket I don’t mean like holy sanctified
I mean it’s got holes in it and when I’m
around the church you ever played a game
and you’re a kid where you had something
like a bucket with holes in it and as
long as you kept the water filling up
the bucket it stayed filling but as soon
as you took it away it emptied out you
know or that slightly plugged table
where if you keep the shower going you
know the scum is getting up to your
ankles right but really
that’s what it isn’t then what happens
though as soon as you get away from the
church what happens empties out all of a
sudden you know I’m muttering cuss words
under my breath and all kinds of stuff
you know what because I didn’t have the
accountability I don’t have the
oversight I don’t have the encouragement
and that’s what the church does we can’t
live without the church and so the
gospel is for the church we constantly
need a diet of the gospel that’s why
it’s gold make disciples of all nations
and teach all that I command we have to
constantly hear it because you know our
hearts are sore slippers sometimes we
just miss it we miss that we’re being
hypocritical in the situation we’re
being self-centered in this situation we
see things with our perspective but
somebody else sees it better and goes
Todd you know that’s not you’re being
selfish that’s not right don’t you think
so and so he says it for in the gospel
I’m not ashamed of the gospel and just
so we know when he says I’m not ashamed
of the gospel that’s because a lot of
people in his day already saw it as a
social stigma all those Christians over
there that he had to say that meant that
somebody thought this was absolute
foolishness and he talks about that
extensively in Corinthians he says I’m
not ashamed of the gospel and as the
power God for salvation to everyone who
has faith to the Jew first and also the
Greek for in it the righteousness of God
is revealed through faith for faith as
it is written he who through faith his
righteous shall live
where the just one shall live by his
so as we wrap up I want to make a little
comment about this confusing little
statement here that the righteousness of
God has revealed through faith for faith
that on first reading has always seemed
like kind of flowery nonsensical
language to me like what does he really
mean but he really means something
concrete what he means is that the
gospel is driven and revealed by faith
but by the faith of the Son of God you
see what made Jesus righteous was his
true respect for the father he never
doubted the father he never doubted his
love for him I’m pretty sure having
raised six boys that at times my
behavior has made them doubt my love and
I’m putting I’m putting the onus on me
not on that right because I’m a sinner
and I’ve done things wrong and I’ve had
to apologize to my son for how I’ve
handled things but God never fails us
sometimes circumstances look like that
he fails us but he doesn’t and Jesus
never failed in loving and respecting
his father his faith never failed and so
the gospel is driven by faith for faith
the way you can say is into faith or for
the creation if they’ve by Jesus’s faith
his perfect righteous face in the father
faith in the father he comes into the
world and gives us the spirit and by
faith we take the gospel into the world
that creates faith in others that’s what
this is the gospel is about faith and it
drives faith and it creates faith in the
unbelieving that’s what we’re called to
do the gospel creates faith in the
unbelieving faith your faith can create
faith in the unbelieving it’s generative
its regenerative it really generates
life and holiness life from the dead
your life in Christ is to bring
spiritual resurrection into other
people’s life and that’s why we’re in
this series on Romans we’re gonna talk
all about the reign of grace because
Jesus and His perfect faith and is
perfect holiness in perfect respect and
perfect justice and relationship that
the father is reigning at the right hand
of God and grace reigns and we’ve got
that grace and in spite of our
imperfection we bring that grace into
the world amen
all right well let’s prepare our hearts
for the Eucharist

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