Abba, Father – The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

dear god and father be with us today may your word go out for the purpose for which you’ve sent it and may not return to you empty plow up our hearts today lord especially mine as we look into your word to understand you your son jesus and your holy spirit i ask this in the name of our lord and savior jesus… Read More

No Not One – The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

No Not One –  The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost TRANSCRIPT Our Lord our gracious King our Father thank you that you have brought us together today this fourth Sunday in the Pentecost season for us to come together and worship you thank you that you are merciful that you are holy that you are gentle and that you receive sinners into your kingdom father… Read More


What is True Discipleship?

What is True Discipleship? What is true discipleship? The question sounds obvious at best. But that is precisely the slippery little problem of discipleship in the modern church. Discipleship SHOULD BE clear; it should be obvious, it should be so well understood by the Church that its definition can be taken for granted. The difficulty is that in reality, true discipleship is in fact… Read More

Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2020 TRANSCRIPT good morning people of God so good to see your faces in the pews this morning how exciting is that let’s give us a round of applause I’m gonna go ahead and let you sit down and I’m just rejoicing to be with you this morning mainly because we’re back together and just just being the body of… Read More


The Visible Church & Its Leadership

The Visible Church & Its Leadership What is the visible church? It is the theological language for the Church that exists in the present world. This may be compared with the invisible church which comprises those who have already gone to be in the presence of God. Each is often referred to as the church militant (the church as it still struggles in the present age) and the church triumphant (those… Read More


The Tradition of the Ancient Church

The Tradition of the Ancient Church As Europe and England shuttered under the weight of the Reformation and its implications, it struggled to be both faithful and renewed. The near century that passed From Henry VIII through the end of Elizabeth’s reign gave the particular character to what would emerge as the Church England. One of the key elements that the established Church clung… Read More


The Primacy of Scripture

The Primacy of Scripture It was believed by the Reformers that during the middle ages, the Church had fallen into darkness through a failure to know the clear and simple truth of the Holy Scriptures. Consequently, there grew up over a thousand years a snowball of well-intentioned but misguided traditions that essentially buried the simple message of the Gospel.  For these reasons, the commitment… Read More

Abide in Me

TRANSCRIPT good morning dear church people of God we are so blessed to be worshiping here this morning I want to say a quick word about and clear up any confusion about what happened last week if you didn’t see it on our Facebook page Facebook rolled out an update that blocked us from being able to get online because we needed to update… Read More

Show us the Father

Easter 5 Wednesday, May 13, 2020 Bishop Todd Murphy    good afternoon Church family pastor Todd here coming to you on the sunny Wednesday in the fifth week of Easter so I’m so glad to be with you guys again after our glitchy Sunday we are very sorry that we had problems there we had an issue with the new Facebook update and… Read More


The Structure of Authority in the 39Articles and Anglicanism

We are beginning a study on the beliefs of Anglicanism as outlined in the 39 Articles of Religion. The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion or the XXXIX Articles are the rules, regulations, and practices of the Church of England after the English Reformation. The Structure of Authority in the 39 Articles and Anglicanism   As they stand, the 39 articles are very much a product of… Read More