Spiritual Authority – Stewardship Sunday


Dead to Sin – The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost

 TRANSCRIPT father we thank you for the blessed blessed grace poured out on us in jesus christ our lord we thank you for the death of your son and for the resurrection of your son we also thank you for the gift of your holy spirit that you dwell in us and we in you and that we now are co-participants in your… Read More

The Reign of Grace – The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

 TRANSCRIPT let us pray jesus christ our risen lord we thank you that you are not here today not bodily but that you sit at the right hand of the father interceding for us that you are a great high priest who is all and was in always tempted like as we are yet without sin and because of that you are able… Read More



Today I found myself stopped at a light. Being the momentary captive audience that I was, I could not help noticing the political sticker on the vehicle in front of me. It sported a background formed of an assorted variety of revolutionary fists raised together in the air. What was particularly interesting to me was the moniker splayed across it which read: “Vote Against… Read More

Seeking Immortality – The Second Sunday of Pentecost

Seeking Immortality – The Second Sunday of Pentecost TRANSCRIPT  good morning family of God so good to see everybody’s eyeballs this morning well let’s just take a moment and ask God’s blessing on our study of the word of God in Romans this morning Heavenly Father we just thank you that you are so gracious we thank you that you have brought us together… Read More

Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2020 TRANSCRIPT good morning people of God so good to see your faces in the pews this morning how exciting is that let’s give us a round of applause I’m gonna go ahead and let you sit down and I’m just rejoicing to be with you this morning mainly because we’re back together and just just being the body of… Read More

Reign of Grace

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 please be seated let’s take a moment to ask God’s blessing on our time in the study of his word this afternoon Heavenly Father and gracious King you are good oh so good you are always faithful and oh so faithful and you have called the remnant of mankind from among all nations a bedraggled host to become a royal… Read More