The walk, the talk and the hawk

let us pray father wherever two or three of us are gathered together there your
son Jesus is with us send your Holy Spirit upon your congregation today that
we may hear your word in Willey digest it chew upon it and have it become part
of our existence give us peace and understanding in community I ask all
this in Jesus blessed name Amen you may be seated
this Sunday’s a gospel selection is from Saint Luke’s Gospel chapter 24 which has
been become known in various Christian ways by the moniker the road to Emmaus I
don’t know how you can be a Christian without having heard those words the
road to Emmaus what’s your road to Emmaus I was on the road to Emmaus the
other day and so it goes in the last 150 years this gospel passage has been
associated with an awakening or a personal revelation of the person of
Jesus and it’s all good stuff but as I’ve said before I’m going to say it
again to quote scripture all Scripture is breathed out by God and it’s
profitable for teaching and for reproof and correction and for training and
research at righteousness all scripture so Scripture is not limited ever to a
single application but it’s profitable as Peter says for
all circumstances of life so this is road to emmaus has far-reaching
application for us today even under these circumstances that we currently
endure these times which many of us feared but thought we’d never see but
today we will concern ourselves with the first portion of the gospel most of us
when we hear this gospel track this road to Emmaus and its associated colic in
our Anglican culture again for the umpteenth time we’ve heard this gospel
we go directly to the Eucharistic reference in verse 31 whereby the
breaking of the bread their eyes were opened I’ve preached too many sermons on
that so I’m going to go and talk about the first portion of this gospel which I
call the walk the talk and the hawk the walk is a talk in the hook because we
need to focus on this part when our hearts are down first the walk
in verse 13 we read that very day two of them two of Jesus disciples two of them
were going to a village named Emmaus so that very day was which day previously
reread of the resurrection of Jesus the previous part of Scripture indicated
that he had risen the women and Peter saw the empty tomb for the first time
that very day was Easter Sunday and who are these two disciples well we know one
of their names Cleopas we do not know the other one but we know that they’re
not one of the eleven from later in scripture and what were they doing they
were on a walk they will walk it but which direction were they going
were they going where did they start in where they were where were they going
they started off in Jerusalem and they were walking to Emmaus so they were
walking away from Jerusalem away from the holy city away from Calvary away
from the events in a way from where Jesus died away they’re retreating
that going away
so for today
why would we walk away from Jesus why did these two disciples walk away from
Jerusalem maybe they were afraid maybe they were deeply disappointed confused
maybe so instead of staying in Jerusalem where their master was they went away
don’t we do the same thing don’t we walk away from the basis of our faith the
grounding of our faith our Lord and Master when our ground is shaken some of
us gravitate to it where we learn to do that
but not all disciples have learned that yet
but if your ground and your very being has been shaken and you have doubt and
fear you tend to retreat you walk away
sometimes like Cleopas and his friend we walk away from Christ because of the
weakness of our faith sometimes we feel outside of the happenings of the day we
feel powerless and Confused sometimes we forget that we really are not seeing the
whole eternal picture and we’re seeing only our temporal condition alone
so like Cleopas and his friend our daily existence is truly to be considered our
walk and I would freely confess that I’ve walked like Cleopas from time to
time saddened confused yeah I was afraid
so what about the talk we had to walk now the talk verse 14 says and they
Cleopas and his friend we’re talking with each other about all these things
that had happened what with all these things that that happened all these
things in Jerusalem this wasn’t just another crucifixion this wasn’t just a
bunch of criminals being put to death there were a lot of people there who
supported this Jesus and the town was in an uproar all these things that means
all the confusion all the upheaval of life all the absolute destruction of all
they knew that’s what they were talking about in this walk this when they walked
there was seven miles – plenty plenty of time for a talk plenty of time for
conversation how long does it take you to walk seven miles who over here is
walking a lot more than they used to because that’s all you can do right
seriously you get you a little app on your phone you could boop-boop-boop and
it makes a sound then you start and it tells you how far you’ve walked which
average speed was and you know Google’s tracking exactly where you went well how
long does it take you to walk seven miles they talk takes about three hours
time yeah that’s if you’re going at a good clip in running shoes like todd has
like 16 pairs of those right it takes 3 hours in running shoes on pavement but
they had these rudimentary sandals albeit their feet we’re a little bit
more conditioned than ours but they were walking over rocks and rubble in dust
and uneven roads so it might have even been a little longer but the point is
they had plenty of time to talk you know it seems like we
talk like that anymore do we we really don’t have enough time to talk about
Jesus unless like today like yesterday when it was a beautiful day
circumstances are unusual circumstances are not the way they’re supposed to be
so now maybe we talk you see we talk about the things that are
important to us and these two disciples what they talked about what was
important to them they talked to one another about Jesus disciples of Jesus
talking to one another about Jesus that’s the talk they shared their woes
they shared their hopes but all was about Jesus you know it’s good for
Christians to talk to one another about Jesus
and you ever noticed Christians when the name of Jesus comes up in your
conversation everything changes you notice that things become about him
and not so much about me that’s amazing and I think these people these Cleopas
and his friend were walking and the spirit of Jesus was in them somehow and
by talking about him back and forth they they got comfort from one another
because it became about Jesus and less about them see God’s put it in us it’s
put it in you and I that – we need to Ernest Lee seek answers in his name and
when you speak to another brother or sister in the name of Christ your
thoughts become words and your words become refined which refine then again
your thoughts and you compare and contrast who is this Jesus
while they were walking and discussing together guess what
Jesus himself drew near and went with them but their eyes were kept from
recognizing him that’s kind of strange
what we say later today in Chrysostom sprayer and when two or three are
gathered together in his name that who’s with them Jesus is there you see see
where Christians Chrysostom gets his theology Jesus is there when you gather
in his name Jesus he comes to comforted to teach to speak peace and to show you
and me the face of God he comes at the best of the times
weddings baptisms but he comes at the worst of times when all is lost when two
or three gather in his name and Jesus is even there when we don’t recognize him
you see the picture see what the authors doing you don’t even know he’s Jesus but
he’s still there maybe today you and I are weary with fear or distraught with
confusion maybe we can’t even trust the words we’re being told
maybe our faith is weak
but you know what that’s okay because you faith this week it doesn’t drive
Jesus away Jesus comes to us in these moments though we might not even know
he’s there so brothers and sisters when we talk amongst ourselves about Jesus we
invite Jesus into our lives see our faith even though our faith is
weak it’s enough to open the door and he comes alongside us the walk the talk and
out of the mysterious hawk
you know the word hawk in the English language has its origin in Mid Eastern
bazaars that’s why I thought of this because I’m thinking of the Levant I’m
thinking of Palestine we’re vendors in the bazaar would
present their wares in the marketplace can’t you picture from movies you’ve
seen or maybe actually some of you have actually gone there to a Mid East Middle
Eastern bazaar the hustle and the bustle the energetic vying for business the
shouts that come from the side come here look at this you need this each vendor
clamoring to make his own product appeal to the market that’s how it is it’s a
lot of marketing and a lot of advertising on a very very very personal
basis why should I you ask buy your stuff looks like a bunch of junk what’s
in it for me what benefit do I have from that and by the way can I trust you
that’s the marketplace and you know what each and every customer would walk by
that vendor if it were not for the marketing or the hook or the hook of the
ether ger vendor the desire in the heart of the hawk to send out his message to
appeal to those who come inquiries about what’s good in it what’s in it for me
can I trust you those things that lead to the sale they would not even be asked
if it were not for the efforts of the hawk reaching out come here see what
I’ve got and the sale would never be consummated if the message of the
product did not turn out to be
that’s the hawk the walk the talk the hook and as Jesus said to them in verse
17 what is this conversation you are holding with each other as you walk
they’re walking they’re talking and next the hawk see Jesus wants to join their
conversation by involving himself and you notice what does not happen
they don’t say get away get away from me who and who are you why are you asking
me that I’m really suspicious of you aware you
are a Roman soldier in disguise I’ll deal with you they did not do that they
eagerly gave charity to a stranger they accommodated who was Jesus isn’t doesn’t
that say a lot about how we should meet the world today instead of standing off
we need to invite then doesn’t the loving and patient Heartland itself it’s
a compassion to community to conversation
because you know what brothers and sisters we’d never have a chance to tell
our story we didn’t seek relationships with uh with each other the story of the
gospel of Jesus Christ would never go out into the world if his disciples
wouldn’t Hawk the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world you have two choices
brothers and sisters will you walk as a disciple of Christ and you talk with
other Christians for solace and consolation and strength you’re amiss in
your duties if you don’t go out and tell the world about the gospel of Jesus
Christ in all charity and community and love you see what Cleopas and the other
disciples did though they were sad and introverted and confused and retreating
nonetheless they told a stranger what they knew about Jesus and how powerful
is it for the world to see people under stress and under duress and suffering
that eagerly tell others about from whence their will comes and use the name
that’s above every other name the name of Jesus as the source of hope and peace
and joy
you know if you don’t think you know enough about the gospel and that’s why
you don’t go and tell the gospel well you know Cleopas and his friend didn’t
really know have all the facts of what had happened in Jerusalem did they they
heard that he was risen they had no proof there were rumors but they had
some faith and what they had faith in was true and it went out into the world
look at Peters sermon how glorious this is be me he the vast numbers that came
to him hear him speak because he was Peter and the Spirit gave
him oratory skill and thousands were baptized well because he knew what he
was talking about right I don’t know what I’m talking about brothers and
sisters Cleopas and his friend didn’t know what
they were talking about but nonetheless they lifted up the name of Jesus and
what they personally knew of them and that was blessed by God
to walk with Christ means discipleship discipleship regardless of the events of
the day you know and if you derailed from time to time by anxiety you know
what that’s just normal that’s this human but always remember
what you know about Jesus don’t let anybody tell you what you don’t know
about Jesus matters because what you do know about Jesus is what matters to talk
is to always come together to have conversation amongst one another
concerning what you know about Jesus and sharing what you know about Jesus good
there is blessing and every word and you know I’m gonna tell you right now
brothers and sisters these present conditions are not going to stop our
gatherings we might have to do it online for a while but I’ll promise you we’re
coming back together the gates of Hell will not prevail against this church the
church is a church of community the church is a one body that cannot be
separated it’s a trifold chord that cannot be
broken and we will always have community
finally beloved we need to hawk the gospel of Jesus Christ in these times
need to share it with the world in truth and in love need to share what you know
about Jesus to the world the benefits of salvation the comforts of community and
the peace of everlasting life but that’s our charge brothers and sisters good
times and in bed to tell of the mighty deeds of Jesus like Cleopas and
friend to present to the marketplace the ideas of an irresistible quarry you know
the fields are white with the harvest right now and it’s a time when we can
shine the light of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is risen Jesus right
now is calling you brother sister to walk and to talk and to hawk the good
news in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

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